Monday, May 12, 2008

CA Monday

Sarah stayed another night in Simi. Well, actually she had no way back to LA. :) We have been going through tons of pictures together, and have put some up along with all the cards my dad has been getting. You can't really see them very well here, but there is a really cool old one all the way on the right. Just in front of it, with the angel on the front, is one of the announcements from the funeral. The one about three from the left in front is me and my parents at my 21st birthday party. But the one leaning on the blue dish was the best find. My dad had told the pastor the story about driving way out of the way once on a roadtrip to see the actual "supposed" Big Rock Candy Mountain. It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, but of course we snapped a picture. You can't see it at all here because of the glare, but that is what it is! I got back out in the afternoon briefly after talking to Pam. I started thinking I haven't done anything to address the breech issue and should be thinking about it a bit. So I called Pam to see if she thought I should try maybe getting a chiro or acupuncture appointment for the Friday before I see her on Saturday. She suggested acupuncture and grabbing some pulsatilla to start now. I also wanted to get some envelopes that would be a good fit for my mom's announcements. My dad has talked about sending them out to those who couldn't make it a few times, but I have a feeling it won't get done unless I do it. Missions accomplished at Staples and Lassen's, and back home to address and stuff envelopes.

We had planned on going to a local cafe for dinner, and that turned out to be the most challenging thing I have done since being here. Orion was completely out of sorts. It was weird - like he had the overtired clumsies. I mean, he is never great in restaurants, but this was in a whole different league. He kept hitting his head and getting hurt in other ways. And then he would scream.... We went outside a couple times until he could calm down. But the hardest part is that Sarah was freaking out about it. She has been so great and helpful with Orion the whole time, but she went on a rant tonight about how he needs consequences and has no respect and ....

I have felt challenged before talking about parenting to friends and family, but I think the hardest person to talk to is your older child who you did things differently with. I started trying to explain what I have learned and why we are doing things differently, but she was pretty out of sorts about the whole thing. I just tried to get O through it with alot of compassion, and we all managed to live through it. :)

Then Sarah and Josh wanted to go to Blockbuster and rent a movie. That was interesting. Orion had never been to a rental place before, and I think it was overstim city! He ran all over up and down the aisles, but at least Sarah had seemed to regain some of her patience at that point. :) Back at home, they took over bath (and blowdryer) again. Josh even came in to help with jammies and read the Tractor Book in his best farmer accent LOL.

After bedtime, this was the cute scene on the living room floor. :)
They picked a movie called 27 dresses. It was pretty cute. I'll be taking them back to LA tomorrow, and then it will be almost time to go back to Oregon. Seems like it has really gone by fast....

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