Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Day

Guess we had just enough hot weather left for some water play. Orion wanted to play with his potato heads, and then at one point he said something about them going swimming. So I got the bin we keep the pieces in and filled it up with water. Not sure what was in his mind about this, but he seemed to think he had to pull off all the pieces first. In they go.
Experimenting with the holes.

Then he was full of funnies the rest of the day. We got out of the house just long enough to go to the market. While we were in the Mercedes, he asked me to open the hammer window. At first I didn't know what he meant, but then I realized the handle on the sunroof is shaped like a small hammer. This would probably be funnier with a picture. I will try to take one if I remember.

At night in the bath he said a couple really funny things. I am mad because I can only remember one. I wish I would have jotted them down somewhere. Anyway, the one I remember: he kept asking about where food goes after your mouth. I was saying the throat, but that didn't seem to be what he meant. Then I said the stomach. I guess that jogged his memory for what he was thinking about, because he said, "After the stomach, the food goes into the maze!" Hahaha - we have been looking at anatomy books, and he must have meant the small intestines! Pretty clever.

Guess he is at a funny age! :)

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