Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Heading Home

I realized just today I haven't taken any pictures of Orion and my dad! So I decided to get a few when they were playing with this spinny shooter thing. And I got one of the best pictures of them ever!
The trip home was mostly OK, although the drive to the airport - oy! I have been asking to drive as much as possible because my dad's driving makes me kindof nervous. I swear we almost got in 3 accidents on the way there! And I got even more stressed because he went the wrong way near the end, and we were already a bit late. Then my dad kept disagreeing with me about the airport directional signs. After like 3 times of me telling him it said left or right, I realized he was always saying, "No, it says straight ahead." It finally dawned on me that what he was seeing was the plane symbol. The arrows were smaller, but the plane looked like a straight arrow to him. It was kindof funny and sad at the same time. I am worried about him driving around by himself. I hope he stays safe.

The Burbank experience was good since they let me take one of the carts through the security area. The flight was also smooth. The only bad part... getting off the plane! What... the... heck? I have flown in and out of Portland several times, and the gates are literally right around the corner from the security, but today they put us out in some BF area I didn't even know existed. Why today when I had two heavy bags, a small child and a belly contracting every time I walk? I swear we walked at least the length of a football field outside along the building before we even got inside! Then we walked and walked inside for ages. At least I finally got to a cart machine. I was in a haze of pain by then. My back pain got really bad in CA, so this really sucked. Even after I got the cart, it hurt my back to push it. :( And we still had a ways to go! It was taking me so long that Ron actually called to find out what happened to us! Wow, what alot of whining I'm doing. By the time we got to the baggage area, everybody's bags were gone but mine. That gives you an idea of how far it was combined with how slow I walk!

OK, enough of that! We got home later than I expected, and it was time to collapse. Not sure how I am going to get through the next couple days with my back feeling like this, but I have to look forward with my blessing only a couple days away.

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