Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mad Dash Day

What a day.... I finally hauled my butt downstairs to see that the floor and bathroom were both really dirty. I had said I wanted the room to be clean, but at least Andy managed to get most of his stuff out. At least Ron came down and vacuumed, and helped rearrange the furniture... several times, until we figured out what was going to be the best set up. And he promised to clean the bathroom. I got started on pinning my mom's scarves to the ceiling, but it was so hot, and I kept getting this exhausted feeling, not to mention my back was hurting, so it was really slow going. Then I went to wash the comforter I want to have on the couch and found out we had no water because Ron forgot to pay the bill. Arghhhh!

OK, I think it is time to go shopping for plates and candles. Ron said he would watch Orion while I finished the shopping. That made it easier, but dang, my back was KILLING me. Thank goodness the water got turned back on late in the day and Kristin came over tonight to go over things and help more with the room. It got to the point there was very little left to do tomorrow, which is great because it is supposed to be really hot. Blech, why did my blessing have to fall during a heatwave? And why did I have to come home to all this work when my back is killing me?

Wow, what a whiney post this is.

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