Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day Before Going Home

This turned out to be a long day - phew. While my dad and I were chatting this morning, he started talking about an old high school friend he thought lived in Oregon. I went out to steal a connection, and the white pages turned up a hit right away. I gave the number to my dad, and sure enough, it was the right guy! He turned out to be in Eugene. This was one of the coolest things that has happened since being here. He got a chance to talk to him for quite awhile, and they found out they had a bit of a reversal in common. He has a son in Burbank and comes to CA sometimes, while I am in Portland, and my dad may come to visit me. Either way, they talked about connecting at one place or the other!

Then it was time to take Sarah and Josh home. We went to the apartment since they were bringing several things back, but we didn't go in this time. We had gotten a bit of a late start, and my dad and I were planning to leave for dinner in Ventura around 4. Orion was a real trooper considering we made a couple extra stops, so it took awhile to get there.

And then the poor monkey was only back at Simi for about an hour before we hit the car again. We went to Rose's first because it was going to be awhile before Christine was off work. That was nice for my dad because he got to see both places. He seemed to be very impressed with Christine's place when we got there. Her boyfriend made a tritip, which is one of his specialties. The boys did pretty well together - better than in the past anyway. Carter is finally coming into his boy energy. It was funny to see him jumping on the couch and pretending things were guns. They were having a great time running around and doing everything they are not supposed to at her house. :) Christine's boyfriend also has a great big Golden Retriever. He is an older puppy and kept chewing up the toys. I never expected to see that at her place! It was kindof crazy with both boys and the dog, just like I like it haha. But she seemed a bit frazzled. My dad was out pretty late for him, but he held up OK.

In bed that night Orion and I had an interesting talk about death. He hasn't been asking any questions, so I haven't pushed it. Then tonight he said something about grandma being in the magic box. I assume that is the coffin.... I am wondering if it is something Josh said or if he came up with it on his own. Will have to ask him.... But anyway, I told him her body got old and needed to rest in there, and some people believe you get to live on later with your body all healthy again. We talked about how your spirit lives on, and that some people believe it goes to a place like heaven or others believe it goes back into a new baby. I said even then her spirit might decide to take a rest. I asked him if he thought she wanted to rest or go right away into a new baby, and he said she would go right away. :)

This made me realize I haven't really talked to him about any spiritual concepts. Even when we do ritual, it is very seasonally focused, so I haven't talked to him about the concept of deities at all. I think I have been putting it off because I haven't decided what kind of regular traditions I want to use. This has been on my mind alot the last year or so, but somehow I haven't made any progress with it. Maybe this will get my butt in gear.

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