Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Car Seat Trick

Just wanted to write a note about something that has been working really well for us for awhile now. It evolved out of Orion not wanting me watch him do certain things. Not sure what that is all about on its own, but it turned into something great with the carseat. I started opening the door and saying my eyes were closed and something about wondering if Orion would be in the car before I felt the carseat. He jumps in really fast, and then I feel him and wonder who it could be because Orion couldn't have gotten in so fast. Then I open my eyes and say how glad I am it is him. Sometimes I feel his body parts and guess what they are incorrectly. All sorts of silly things. It even works when he has wandered off and seems not into getting in. I will open the door and say my eyes are closed, and Orion could never get in quickly being so far away. He races right over and jumps in.

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