Saturday, April 16, 2011

CA Trip - A Visit with Cousins

I wanted to get together with Chris and the cousins at least one time on this trip, so we planned a meet up at a park in Camarillo.

Who is this little ragamuffin? She sure does love to swing!
Cutie cousin Sedona, why so serious? She wasn't so sure about me yet....
They did OK together though. They both look serious here. I think they are planning to take over the world or some such. Maybe just the park.
This was her dog impression. I know it looks like a frog, but trust me on this.
See, now it looks like downward dog!
Doggie visiting the boys. Not sure what they were talking about, but this was right before Chris left, and you can see the hatching of some big plan in the sand!
Then they left, and Orion met some other kids he was making a big plan with. It involved collecting alot of small sticks for a bonfire lol!
The boy in the red shirt had a sister who was home for Spring break, and it turned out she was going to UCLA! That was an interesting bit of serendipity!

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