Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CA Trip - Settling in at Grandpa's

First order of business - checking out the backyard. Akasha especially likes all the animal statues. In this picture, she is gesturing at them and telling me all about them.
She liked the dear but proclaimed the other one "scary chicken" lol.
Checking out the birdbath. She was calling the little gnome guy Santa. :)
I always enjoy looking at my dad's yearbook, and he has had it out lately doing some labeling. This is the cover:
Here is my dad's senior photo.
And this is actually a gal that was his girlfriend.
Crazy story though - I knew this woman! She ended up marrying a guy that was a good friend of my dad's. And they used to come to family parties and such! I had NO idea he had dated her! Well, she is a rockin' lady, and I always liked her. Her husband passed away awhile back. Kinda too bad she doesn't live near him now.

Gymnastics page. Close ups below.
Look how cute he was, showin' off his tattoo.
He loves showing people this picture. :)

I bought the kids a couple squirt bottles at the Dollar Spot at Target. Best two bucks I ever spent. They played and played with those things! They started squirting this creepy faceless baby birdbath and soon had it filling up.
And then Orion started stacking little mini cairns.

Akasha in the act!

Apparently my kids had never seen a real grasshopper. Orion came in literally screaming at me to come outside and see this crazy bug!
You can just see the tops of the spray bottles in this shot.
Here are some video shenanigans of the kids with my dad in the yard:

Get ready for cuteness overload. I try to get a shot of the kids in this chair that used to belong to my grandpa every time we go to Cali. Here is a whole series cuz they were too cute to pick just a couple!

Orion brought a selection of Legos with him and started working on a whole series of mini golf holes! He is holding the club.
And then Akasha had to stand up on the chair and say, "Take my picture!"

Orion showing my dad his DS. :)
Akasha found several of these little Cabbage Patch Dolls and was calling them the babies with candles on their heads hahaha!
Orion practicing some writing, copied from his ipod video lol.
Orion in his Rio party hat.

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