Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CA Trip - Heading South - Day 2

We stayed at Bullards Beach the first night, and here is our yurt!
Totally by coincidence, I reserved a yurt for this coming August here, and it was the same exact one!

This is a beach at Bullards that I want to check out next time!
Pretty coast scene in Bandon.
Our main stop for the day was the West Coast Game Park Safari. Orion picked a few flowers in the front before we went in. Boy in focus...
flower in focus...
Close up, complete with dirty fingernails lol.
We just happened to be there the first day they were showing some new baby tigers! I didn't get to hear the story on this guy, but I think they were working with him before he went to a new home.
Oh my gosh, how cute is he?! They didn't even have names yet!
Little sweetie.
Gettin their pets in.
The binturong. Love seeing these guys as you don't see them very often.
And the capybara! They always trip me out.
Pretty white peacock. There are peacocks roaming all over the grounds, but not that many white ones.
This is my favorite pic of the day I think. This was the right time of year to see lots of baby goats, and they were so cute following their mamas around trying to get milkies. But this picture with all three of them checking out the milkies.... Hahahaha! The mom seems to be checking for engorgement. :o
It's neat that they have not just the regular petting zoo animals roaming around. That's Orion off to the left.
Not sure what this is about lol. Orion looks like he is doing a little dance.
And then we came across this doll...
You need to see a close up. Really? Sticking your tongue out at us?
And then she flashed us a grin hahaha. I love this place.
Loved these guys owning the the feeder.
And they were pretty friendly too!

The goats want to see the binturong too!
This guy was reeeeally friendly. The lady when we came in told us not to let him lick our fingers lol.
They have another area where they bring out several small animals to interact with. The coati was a cutie
The ferrets were fun.
She said they like to crawl in her hood.
And let's not forget Daisy. She was so soft!
The llamas were pushy!

I'm ready for close up Mr. DeMille.
OK, this next series is hilarious....
"You takin' my picture?"
"You must be. Who cares about that boy in the background?"
"Look at this smile! I'm telling you. Nobody can compete!" Hahaha.
Here are a couple video snippets from the park:

And then we went on down the coast on a lovely clear day. Classic Oregon coastline:
I started watching for an area that looked like it had good beach access. It was a bit cold and windy, but I wanted to take advantage of no rain and knew we were not going to be beach focused for the rest of the trip. So this was where we pulled off:
We had to climb over this stump to get to the beach.
And the kids got right down to work. :)
Orion collected a bunch of wood and said, "We can build stuff with these!"
Burying her feet...

Then the kids decided they were going to go explore this path...
...which looped back around to the main path, so I tried to get a pic of them both on the log, but it was kinda too windy.
Following Bubba... that hill was quite a feat for Akasha.
Orion doing his King of the World pose.
So Akasha had to get in the same spot lol.
Babe in the grass.
And then it was on to Loeb State Park, where we were meeting Rachele and Kai, and had a cabin right on the Chetco River.

Did somebody call a plummer? LOL!
I swear my kids could throw rocks into a river all day.
I got Orion interested at looking at the difference in color when you get rocks wet, and he brought me this collection.
Checking out rocks.
More plummer...
Action shot
The boys got their shovels and got involved in some kind of digging project.
And that's all I gots for this day. :)

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