Thursday, April 7, 2011

CA Trip - Heading South - Day 4

More trees today! Starting with... the famous Trees of Mystery!

Orion and Akasha with Babe.
Orion noticing the details. "There's even a hole!" LOL how refreshing in our normally prude culture.
Orion loves a perch.
This was a fighting pose I think.
Orion making sure Kai sees the details.
And of course we had to do some pictures with Paul!

Akasha looks thrilled lol.
Then it was on to the trail! Well this sign makes it sound so appealing lol!
The Family Tree
Cute frog statue near a pond.
The kids were always excited when we found a pink trillium.
Always enjoy a St. Francis statue. :)
Kids checking out the Elephant Tree.

Pretty moss covered fence with trillium.

Kids finding a new side path.
Contemplating the underpass...
...and under they go!
I thought this little pink petal was pretty along this fence with the moss.
At the end of the trail, there are a bunch of wood carvings. This one totally creeped Akasha out. Kinda can't blame her lol.
Little forest dwellers.
Always like to get a shot of this bear and his growing "hat" lol. And notice the baby bear Orion is patting.
Close up on the head shot lol.
I love the intricacy of this one.
Then we went to Patrick's Point State Park as I had read about a Native American village I thought the kids would enjoy, and it turned out to be a big hit! This area is actually used for ceremonies, so it was pretty neat to see!

Path to the village:
Boys checking out the dugout canoe.
First glimpse of the village.
Village scenes:

Thought this made a nice black and white:
"Look, stairs!"

Gotta do the inside out shot.
More exploring!

Love the little moss details.
And love me some ferns.
I thought this tree was really cool.
I love to get pics of Akasha with these little white flowers because it dates back to my Meadow Goddess picture when I was pregnant with her. :) One day maybe I will make a collage.

Later we saw a sign that they shouldn't have been up here. Oops.
I liked this moss covered bench. It was near this neat botanical garden we found that was all overgrown and clearly not visited much, but that made it neat, kindof like a secret garden.
Loved the sun coming through the trees.
We went down this little side path because it said there was a Ceremonial Rock. We never found the rock, but the kids enjoyed this bridge.
This part of the path had a bunch of roots sticking out that were challenging but fun for Akasha.
Then we went on down the road to our hotel. There was a virtual cache at this nearby totem pole. I guess this was the tallest in the world when it was put up. There is a taller one now, but still, pretty cool.
Our hotel that night was in Arcata and had an indoor pool. So the kids enjoyed that, but I had quite a scare when Akasha had slipped off the steps and I didn't see her at first. She was in over her head, and amazingly treading water pretty well, but clearly scared to death. Poor little munchkin. She didn't cough too much when I grabber her out, and she was ready to get back in after not too long, so thankfully it didn't seem to traumatize her about water!

And tomorrow....? More trees of course! Lots to see in the redwoods. :)

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