Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ca Trip - Heading North - Day 3

Final day of the trip home! Most of the driving for the day would be in Oregon, so I had loaded several cemetery caches as there is a new challenge cache out where you have to find a certain number in OR cemeteries. Otherwise a pretty uneventful day.

View from a cache that should have theoretically had an amazing view of Mt Shasta. Timing is everything. Oh well.
Nice view of the smaller peak off the the right though. I thought about hunting down the name of it but decided not to take the time.
This was a super interesting stop, not only because there was a ton of old equipment to look at, but also the cache write up was all about the State of Jefferson. This is probably something I learned about back in US history, but I don't remember at all! If you don't know what I am talking about, look it up. It would be too much to type out here, but basically Northern California and Southern Oregon almost became their own state, and some still think they should. :)

Stuff like this always interests me....
I think that was it on the right in this photo.
Then we got to go over the Mt Ashland area - looks like they got dumped with snow too! I can't believe it this late!
Trees were pretty all snowy - lol at crooked driving photo though.
And then it was on to lots of old cemeteries
I really loved this natural looking tombstone. I had never seen one like this. I go back and forth on the burial/cremation thing, but I think I would like a stone like this if that was my choice!
Can you spy the bluebird?
This one had several old graves with Chinese writing.
I had never noticed this butte formation off to the right heading North on the 5. Now I am curious about it, and if it is public, and are there trails up there.... Hmmmm....
And you say you haven't been impressed with places caching has taken me to yet. Well check THIS out!
LOL, this was a virtual called Scentimental Yard Art. To log it you had to count the um, I bet you can guess!

Lovely flowering tree at a cool old cemetery.
Wonder what this guy was into in his lifetime.

This was certainly the nicest gate of all the ones we saw. And they even had a logbook.
Phew, ended up a long day, and we got home really late, but we made it home!

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