Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CA Trip - Heading North - Day 2

We started today at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. What a perfect place for a road trip stop! It is small, so doesn't take up a ton of time, but still really enjoyable. They rescue animals and do rehab with them. Some stay there forever if they can't go back to the wild.

They have alot of raptors and do a daily educational talk, but the kids weren't interested in listening to it, which was a bit disappointing for me as I like raptors, but what can you do?
However, they loved this baby fox, and so did I. he was an injured orphan who came in just recently, and what a character! He through this toy all over the place lol. I have some cute video as well I will come back and add when I get it uploaded.
Here is some video of the fox:

I also thought this raven was cool He seemed to want to build something.

They also had a kids' play area O and A both enjoyed. Here is a set up Orion made:
Except bears don't hunt deer lol.

Then he started collecting up some puppets and immediately had an audience haha!
Which he then noticed and ran away!

Later that day near a cache....
These cows were not so happy to see us near their fence and started heading over. I never realized what different personalities cows can have. Some seem totally oblivious. Some totally move away when strangers are near, and then these were like watchcows, I swear lol! I have never been "barked" at by a cow before but seriously, this one....
...came right up to the fence and started mooing over and over really loudly! And the backup crew followed right after! It was hilarious!

Stop for the night was in Weed, and WHOA, the road over Shasta was all kinds of crazy with hail and even some snow. I thought it was too late for that!

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