Friday, April 8, 2011

CA Trip - Heading South - Day 5

Today we are traveling on the Avenue of the Giants, which has some of the best forests imho, including the largest stretch of old growth redwoods - Rockefeller Grove.

We stopped at a cache here, near the beginning of the avenue, called Double Giant, and you can see why!
Orion nabbing the goods.
Then we drove into the lovely Rockefeller forest. This is taken from the car on the road:
More scenes from the drivers seat:

Near the Tall Tree parking area:

The Tall Tree! LOL named so creatively! We came here because it is supposed to be one of the most amazing groves, and it really was, but also because there was a geocache nearby. Sadly, none of the kids were really in the mood to look for it, and with all the GPSr bounce, I just gave up.

But we enjoyed the forest. Here is the Rockefeller plaque:
Orion commented this looked like tire tracks!
And the kids also enjoyed...
... the nearby river! Can you guess what they did? Yep, throw rocks lol. I thought these mossy rocks were pretty:

Of course there is a bit of rock throwing video:

Then Akasha found her special rock,
which she laid on,
and came over to ask me to take her picture,
then stood on it,
and laid on it some more,
and tried it on her tummy.
Everybody should be so lucky as to have a big rock they love. :)

On down the road on the 101 is a cache called, ahem, Pit Stop.
"I got it!"
Really? A cache in there?
Orion is triumphant!
At this rest stop, we couldn't find the cache. But Orion found a perch.
He asked me to take this photo, and was later disappointed in it. He said it was supposed to look like a fighting face, and he was pretending the rock was a dinosaur.
So I said it looked like he was climbing it and suggested we turn it 90 degrees. He was very amused with the results!
On to Ukiah for tonight's stop. All done with trees, but a special treat in store for tomorrow!

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