Friday, April 15, 2011

CA Trip - Travel Town, La Brea Tar Pits and Bird Sanctuary

I usually plan one day in LA when we visit my dad. This year I gave Orion several choices, which also included the science museum, and he really wanted to go to Travel Town and La Brea Tar Pits.

Travel Town turned out to have a geocache right on the premises! Here is Orion, grabbing the prize!
Checking out the swag:
And putting it back....
Climbing into an engine:
My two little engineers.

Do you know the difference between an engineer and a conductor? I just looked it up, and so should you if you are curious. :) Learn something new every day hehe!

Another engine to check out...
I didn't think I was going to fit through that opening lol, but I barely did!

Tired? It was a HOT day!
She got this little cardboard mouse in the cache and was just in love with it.
On the train ride, taken by the engineer/conductor. He was technically both for this train lol. He asked where Orion wanted to go, and he said Hawaii lol. The guy announced that the train would be taking us to the ocean then everybody should grab a paddle!
This car always makes for such great shots. I have a similar shot of just Orion a few years ago. I should hunt it up!
This was a crack in the window, but this picture kinda makes it look like a weird formation in the cement!
Me trying to be artsy...
Window detail:
Yet another engine:
Wanted to get a pic of the kids in front of these wheels for scale - wow!

Casey Jones!
Near the entrance, or the exit, as the case may be. We were on our way out. :)
On to the tar pits! Famous scene, but really kinda sad and creepy. :(
Picture of Orion with the GPS as I thought I was going to get credit for a virtual cache here, but it was actually an earth cache, and I didn't read all the details to collect the info correctly. D'oh!
Getting a sense of what it would feel like to get stuck in the tar.
This guy was animated, and it freaked Akasha out!
Giant sloth!
404 wolf skulls! But over 1600 have been found here! They think the wolves would show up to eat the other stuck animals and then get stuck themselves.
There is a lovely outdoor atrium area with turtles and koi.
Akasha found this waterfall fountain not being used, so what should you do...?
Make it a throne of course!
This van was parked next to us in the lot! Welcome to LA!
I decided to swing by the Bird Sanctuary as I had read it was open now. Lots of wildflowers in the parking lot.
But no.... The TRAIL next to it is now open, but actual sanctuary is still closed and fenced off. SUCH a bummer. I am sure it is a money issue. You can see down into it and the empty channel that used to hold water. I bet it was lovely! The kids enjoyed hiking up this trail a bit anyway!
We saw this deer on the other side of the fence in the sanctuary. We met a local woman on the trail later, and when we told her, she said that was very rare!
Passion flowers growing along the fence - the kids were amazed with them!
I thought about Universal Studios, but I think almost all the attractions would have been too scary for Akasha. Maybe that will be next time!

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