Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Cali Trip - Heading South - Day 1

Welp, we are on the road to Cali again and plan to make more good use of our OMSI membership. We got a later stop than I wanted, but I decided to still stop at the AC Gilbert Museum in Salem. The kids LOVED it. I didn't get many pictures, though, as I was busy chasing them both in different directions lol. I did get some video I will get up eventually. We barely scraped the surface of what there is to do here, so I am really looking forward to coming back!

In the play food/grocery store area - have I mentioned Akasha likes to line things up....
This was a neat China themed room. Among other things, they had an area with characters you could work on copying and a bunch of dishes, which Akasha also lined up haha.
Captain Orion and his passenger:
This was by far my favorite room:

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