Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CA Trip - Heading South - Day 3

We headed to Walker Road for today because it is a nice drive through the redwoods, and there are several caches just a short walk off the road.

Cool double tree right next to where we parked.
Boys on a giant stump, which was right next to what is apparently the designated graffiti tree.
Moss growing in carved letters - pretty cool.
Huge split in a fallen tree.
The first trillium we saw! Of course we saw lots more. We were here at just the right time for it! But the first of the season you see is always exciting. :)
Then we went for a stroll in the woods, on the wrong path the first time for the cache, but it was a neat path. Look at this little forest fairy!
Back of the double tree, with sun coming over the middle.
On the right path, which was actually a path lol. Cool burl with ferns growing out of it.
That is actually a cache in the background under all those sticks! It had a nice little trillium guardian.
Memorial bench near the cache.
Perfect trillium!
Close up on the bench plaque.
The boys spent awhile running up and down this path. I love how the trees dwarf them in this shot.
Chatty boys and big trees.

Cute double mushroom we spotted.
And then on the way back to the car, Orion twisted his ankle. :( So we didn't do any of the other caches along Walker since Orion wasn't up for walking, but we did drive most of it and ogle the trees. Then we went ahead and checked into our hotel for the night in Crescent City. We had ocean views and a jacuzzi, so it was a good day to get there early. Here is the view from my window:
Tomorrow.... more redwoods!

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