Sunday, April 10, 2011

CA Trip - Heading South - Days 6 and 7

I am combining the last two days as I only took a couple pics on day 7.

I was so excited at some point on this trip that I remembered the City of 10,000 Buddhas was somewhere around this area, and imagine my delight when it turned out to be right outside of Ukiah! I knew I stayed there for a reason lol. So just HAD to see it before continuing South.

These were some pretty trees in blossom on the way there.
Sign at the entrance!
The gateway!

Lovely Kwan Yin in the lobby where you check in.
There are peacocks roaming everywhere!
The boys were following the peacocks around, and when they led them by this one building, these super old monks came out and gave all the kids feathers! Here they are "tickling a tree" lol.

A girl and her feathers.
They need Peacock Crossing signs!
First glimpse of the temple.
I don't really know my Buddhist mythology, so don't know who this is, but there were two big paintings on either side of the entrance. This one was on the left. Notice the wheelchairs and walkers!
Little water garden on the side of the temple.
Close up of the statue. Really curious if it is some type of simpler version of Kwan Yin, but not sure!
Lotus detail on the side door.
Not sure the significance of this either. Should have asked more questions, but most people there seemed to speak very little English.
Orion really wanted to use the timer to take a photo of all of us, so here we are on the grass in front of the temple.
The lobby of the temple and part of the 10,000!
The art on the right.
Who knew peacocks could get way up in trees? I didn't!
Random cuteness.
I thought this tree was really cool. It was also covered in woodpecker holes. At one point, I saw five of them at the same time! There is one in this picture, but not sure you can make it out at this size.
I had peaked in the temple before, but there was a ceremony going on, and I didn't feel comfortable taking the kids inside. But Rachele offered to take all the kids to the playground (yay!), so I got a chance to go back over for a bit.

Another shot of the outside of the temple.
I felt a little weird taking pictures during the ceremony, but I couldn't resist grabbing a few.

I guess these were little offerings as they have names on them.
The most amazing thing of all that I wanted to see is the Kwan Yin with all the arms. You can see her in the distance here, and also get a feeling for the floor to ceiling Buddha statues. It really was quite an amazing site, although this photo does it no justice.
These two lovely Kwan Yin stained glass pieces were in the lobby. I DID ask somebody if they knew where they got them, but she said no.

Busy, fuzzy bee on a lily outside the temple.

Detail from that metal thing in front of the temple. Wow, do I sound ignorant or what lol?

Over to the playground. They actually have an elementary school in the City, so that was convenient for us. :)

Love this shot of Orion!

Somebody needed her diaper changed.
Then it was time for us to keep going South and Rachele to turn around and go back North. I hit a few more caches today... and one hit me! See below for more on that. In the meantime, here is officially the coolest cemetery I have ever been to. There were all these meandering rodes up and down hills and the graves all seemed so personal and quirky!

The one on the right here has a mushroom lol!
I want a grave covered in flowers some day!
Little wildflowers in bloom everywhere!
If you look closely, you can see a grave somebody placed a beer bottle on lol!
So many flowers! Reminded me of the cemeteries I saw in Mexico.
Loved this sculpture!
This looked like something out of Buffy lol!
Old Fooler! Sounds like somebody I would have liked to know.
Would LOVE to come back here and really explore! Then later that day, I managed to gash my head open on a branch when I still had like 4 hours of driving to do, and it swelled up HUGE. Way to go. The funniest part was it was at a cache called Death Maul. Indeed. Seriously, I was pretty worried since I was alone with the kids. For a bit there I thought I was going to have to drive myself to an ER. But I put some ice on it from the cooler and decided to push on. It was a rough drive, but we made it all the way to our reserved motel for the night.

Next morning, Akasha likes to lay on Orion. He looks thrilled, no?

Cache we stopped at called, you guessed it, Stinky Hollow.
This was taken at a cache near Fort Tejon. Just that perfect time of day!

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