Thursday, April 14, 2011

CA Trip - Strathearn and the Park

We decided to go over to the Strathearn Historical Park when Rose and Jim came to Simi for the day. I thought they would enjoy it, and Orion loves stuff like this too.

They had an area set up that was to replicate the tables where women used to work taking pits out of apricots.
Most of the stuff you had to stay off of, but a few were OK for photo ops. :)
I liked this sassy apricot worker lol.
I told the kids this was like an old time camper.

Not sure what this was, and here Orion is pondering it as well. Something to do with electricity by the stuff on top I would guess.
Orion made an exciting discovery of railroad tracks behind the building.
Can't remember what this was called now, but there was a special name for it - a type of monument, not a grave. The scene is from Dante.
They have lots and lots and lots of old farm equipment.
Kids with Grandma
Center piece in a gazebo.
And then we went to the park. :)

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