Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CA Trip - Heading North - Day 1

I decided to take the coast for the first part of the trip home so we could check out the Ty Warner Sea Center, a small aquarium on the Santa Barbara pier.

This was the touch tank, with sharks even!
The gal that worked there got a shark for Orion to touch, but he didn't want to.
Then this guy came over and was sticking his head up so friendly like!
So Orion gave him some pats after all. :)

Neat sliding magnifier thing.
A little cave for viewing.
Cool seastars!
This gas was showing off a decorator crab - one of my faves!
Then she asked Orion if he wanted to take an ocean floor sample and check it out. Of course he did! They have a big open area that goes right to the sea for dropping a scooper down.

Putting the sample on a screen.
Rinsing away the sand.
Look what they found!
Gotta get a pic of the jellies!
This was at a cache called Million Dollar View, and boy was it ever! It was actually at a fire station. Not too shabby.
Pretty bird near the cache.
And we saw a ton of lizards! Can you spot one in this shot?
Nice piece for a fire station!
Lizard stayed in that spot for awhile. :)
Yet another spot geocaching brought me to I have passed by 100 times and never new was here. This area was a stage stop. Sadly, the old building that is there is fenced off due to lack of money, but it was still a neat place to check out.
Going after the cache, but his arms weren't long enough. It was waaaay down inside a tree.
Better be something good in here after all that!
Kids and swag.
What, Orion on a perch? You don't say!
This was near a cache at the Madonna Inn called The Lion House. I guess one of the retired MGM lions used to live in there, which made me really sad as it is so small.
And that was about it for the day. We stayed in Morgan Hill and are heading over to the 5 tomorrow!

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