Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sprinklers and Big Green Things

We actually managed to come at a pretty good time for the temperature. It has been mostly in the 80s, which is nuthin for this area. Still, it is hot enough to run in the sprinklers! Mastering the jump.
Grandpa demonstrating the stealthy foot technique.
And Grandpa showing him how it is really done!

I was happy to see my dad had planted some tomatoes and zuchinni. I didn't know he was still gardening, and I have such good memories of all the veggies he grew. We found a giant zuke that he hadn't even seen because of his poor eyesight.
It is time to be educated in The Way of The Big Green Thing.
Ahhhh, I see Master. I am ready to accept this great responsibility.
It is time for you to take up the mantle of the Big Green Thing.
Yes, I will treasure it always.
And use it for a spiritual tool... Gaze deeply at the beautiful green flesh... it holds the secrets of the universe.
And then... use the force, Orion!
Alas, The Way of The Knife was mightier than The Way of The Big Green Thing.

Seriously, the journey to the frying pan was no simple one! From the moment I saw that lovely, large one, I remembered the fried zucchini my dad used to make on the BBQ and started craving it. But the fact that Orion and I are both gluten free complicated matters. My first thought was to head down to Lassen's to see if they carry the gluten free bread crumbs I buy at New Seasons. No luck, so I spend several minutes perusing the cereals for something to crush up. I decided on one made from corn and amaranth as I thought that would give a better flavor than the rice cereals. I was worried it would have a bunch of sugar, but it was just right. My dad crushed it up with a rolling pin, and I mixed it with garlic powder, salt, pepper and basil. I dipped the slices in egg whites, then in the crumb mixture and on into the frying pan. They turned out dang good!!!

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Lee said...

Nice updates!! I love dancing grandpa :)