Saturday, August 4, 2007

Phew, What a Day!

Today was photography day I guess!

It started out with our family photo shoot with a local mom who is working to build her portfolio. We went to a place called Cathedral Park which ended up even more interesting than I thought. Can't wait to see what she got and share some here!

Then... it was off to the LLL Dance Party, which I had agreed to take some shots for . I had a blast taking pictures, even if the camera did seem a bit possessed and kept changing settings. I took over 400 pictures! Whoa. Here are some of my faves:

My silly foot collage.
Flying Orion!
Interesting shot of the table toppers one of the leaders brought back from the National Conference.
One of my favorite shots of the bunch! The Mooner blowing on her painted hand.
Taking a little break.
Hehe, and it was only because I asked him to.
Daddy was a cat, but Orion wanted to be a mouse.
So serious!
Hokey Pokey!

Crazy Lyla - best dressed for the day for sure!
Believe it or not, this is Ron leading a conga line!
Neat scarf shot.
Who knows?! Singing maybe?

Who knows again... ? Maybe breakdancing.

And lots more cuteness I am too tired to type about right now.

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