Friday, August 10, 2007

The Amazing Amy!

One of the local moms is building her portfolio to go into photography, so she has been doing shoots for families she knows. We went to Cathedral Park, which is under the St. Johns Bridge. We found some great spots to get pictures! Now I am so in love with them, I can't figure out which ones I want to print!

These first ones were taken under a lovely willow.

I love Orion's expression in this one!

Biting Orion...

I love this one because it is like he is looking back to check in with us.

And then we found tons of wild blackberries!

The Blackberry Hunter

"Here, Kiddie, Kiddie"

Cool cairn!
Would have loved to have the perfect family shot by it, but Orion was being wiggly.

These last ones are my favorites I think. There was a tree stump, seen below, that it looked like somebody had brought down to the beach to decorate with all sorts of colored leaves, flowers, shells, etc. I think it had been done awhile ago, because it looked like alot of the stuff had blown away. So we had a great time looking at it and redecorating the tree.


Ellie said...

Wow, beautiful!!!!!!!

Sher said...

amazing pics!
beautiful family!