Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I am a Brainwasher

And tonight Ron stuck up for not saying "I'm proud!" I posted about the Big Conversation on pride we had last month. I love it when I know things have been tumbling around in Ron's mind. Of course I don't know it unless he tells me LOL. But I have found that he takes awhile to process things and that they continue to process for awhile.

So anyway, they went to Burger King again tonight. (I know, sigh, but he just gets him the applesauce - they really just go for the play structure). Funny since that is the site of the event that started the whole conversation! And then when Orion went up top, he made some comment more like an excited observation. And another dad actually noticed and asked why he had not said he was proud! How weird is that?! So Ron gave him the whole concept we talked about and the other dad was really interested! So, so cool!

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