Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writing, Just Like That!

WOW!!! My boy, who has shown almost zero interest in writing in the past, just sat down and wrote out a four word title for a book, needing almost no help from me but how to spell the words. Turns out he knew what all the letters looked like AND how to make them! Unschooling at work!
Some of the letters that he didn't make quite right, he turned into pictures. :) The whole thing started because he wanted to draw some pictures of dreams. It was important to him to have a silly one and a scary one. This next guy was him with a big speckled body. That was the silly one by the way LOL. That might have been kindof scary to me haha.
This was also a big difference in the way he took so much time coloring something in. He has never done that before.

And last but not least, here is his nightmare. :( It was a monster spitting fireballs at him that had killed him. Notice the Xs for his eyes.

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