Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 5: Bandon to Beverly

Yay! Game Park Day! And beautiful weather to go with it!
I had read some pretty negative reviews about this place, but I was pretty impressed. The enclosures may not have been as impressive as at a zoo, but they weren't that bad, and the animals all looked pretty content to me!

This sign cracked me up:
Here comes the current star of the park, Diesel the baby spotted leopard!
Handler demonstrating proper holding technique.
They bring family groups in to a pen like enclosure one at a time to hold and pet the little sweetie. Orion liked it but Akasha would not sit next to him, even though she was calling him "Kitty!"
Hey Orion, there's a leopard on your lap!
He was totally entranced by something on the other side of the fence he kept staring at. This next picture cracks me up as it looks like they are both looking at the same thing!
Look at that intensity!
A really was there and gave him a few pats. :)
O surrounded by adoring fans.
Capybaras are so silly looking. But this picture was really about all the peacocks in the pen. They were pretty much into any pen that belonged to something that wouldn't eat them LOL.
Speaking of happy looking animals. :) I took a bunch pictures of them because they were snuggling so cutely. It was through a chain link fence, so there are some blurry spots, but I still got some I really like.
Sweet nothings?

Then it was time for a few more wild animals on parade. The ferret twins!

This possum was SO cute. It had the saddest eyes. And who knew they were so SOFT!
"You're going the wrong way!" "No, you're going the wrong way!"
Daisy, the nippy skunk.
I really liked this place because it was so laid back. It was amazing for these days really. When the handler put the skunk on the rail, he just told us all to not pet near her head because she bites sometimes. I would expect something like that to be totally micromanaged, but nope. Just here's the deal, you're on your own.

Lions, also looking pretty relaxed and happy.
What a beauty.
Four horned sheep! Orion was pretty amused with them. Maybe he thought they were lucky, like clover. :)
Llamas, just hanging out. Totally friendly - we went right up to them and scratched their ears.
What do you see in this picture...?
Yep, eggs! Peacock I presume. They were here and there all over in the grassy areas. I asked an employee if they do anything with them, and she said no. Seems a waste - I mean they must be edible. Somebody needs to hook them up with some gleaners.

Bandon coastline view. Beautiful! Bet another family of geocachers here.
Another fail site. I blame this feral kitty. Bet she took the cache and hid it!
Seeking but not finding. Neat little manzanita "forest" though.
Helping sister over a branch.
View from another cache spot.
Our smallest cache so far. Orion had to crawl through some bushes and move some rocks to get it.
This is what a good sized cache box and a nice bag of swag looks like.
This one was actually pretty funny as it was described as off of a parking area at Carl Washburn State Park. The clue gave directions from a picnic area. Well, there was a picnic area there, but it was off the dump!!! Why would they put a picnic bench there lol?

It was sunset, but we walked down to the beach for a quick look. Orion looks like he was doing a little happy dance!
Nice log, just posing for a shot with the sunset.
Hey Orion, come sit on the lovely log.
I took these next two back to back without even realizing how similar they were.

Akasha was getting really cold, but Orion wasn't. First of many times the sibs will want to do different things I am sure. :) The falling dark won out, and it was off to find our next yurt at Beverly State Park.

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