Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 3: Hanging Out at Loeb and Brookings

Wow, I loved the cabin at Loeb! Lots of benches and shelves and RIGHT on the river. The kids made friends with this cute moth in the morning.
Then looking outside... Wow! We could only hear the river in the night. I knew it was near but didn't know we would be able to see it like this right from the porch. It was just lovely! The color was so blue. I would love to come back here in the summer when we could just sit outside and enjoy the view or watch the kids on the "beach".

This was the view off to the left from the porch:
And to the right:
We headed out a bit later in the day to check out a Redwood trail just up the road that featured 3 caches, but were disappointed to find the trail closed because of something to do with an oak tree disease. Luckily, we could still get to the cache at the trailhead, and Akasha got a barrette out of it, which was great as her hair is really getting in her eyes theses days. The kids also spent a long time just throwing rocks in the river, but I didn't take any more pictures until night time.

Akasha rocking her new hairstyle. :)
Bubba hugs.
Pretending to go to sleep...
...just like bubba.
Orion decided he missed Daddy so would draw a picture of him. The other one was his first time drawing an elephant. I thought the feet were impressive!
"Take my picture climbing up!"
Orion's Nest
Orion took this one of me.

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