Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 6: Hanging Out in Newport and Beverly

We started the day off heading right to the aquarium!

I call this picture "Forgetting You Are On Manual Focus and Ending Up With an Almost White Frame But Thank God for Photoshop" LOL. The other title, which you could read on the sign if I hadn't ruined it, would be "What Was Picked up on the Beach in Just Two Hours!"
Orion and I had a discussion about how many people we thought were working for that two hours, and he decided 47.

Akasha says, "Wow, look at that!"
The jellies are so beautiful!
This picture doesn't really have anything for scale, but these guys were HUGE
These walk through areas were pretty cool!
They even had see through areas on the floor!
We went to see the otter feeding, but Orion was more interested in filling his shoes with gravel then putting them on.
Not sure I will ever understand the whole sensory avoiding and seeking thing. The kid won't wear socks with shoes but wants to walk around on gravel?!???

Akasha spent a long time mastering climbing up this rock then walking back down.K
King of the rock.
Orion took the next 4, and I quite like them!

Oh, the concentration!
Hair creeping back into the eyes despite the barrette!
My new favorite of the two of them.
On the way out, Akasha was walking along the curb, and it had these regular gaps. I thought it was hilarious how she treated them like a major obstacle.
On to a couple easy caches. Since one of the fun aspects of geocaching is moving Travel Bugs around, I thought it would be fun to have our own Travel Bug! So I started watching out in all the gift stores for something that would qualify as a stuffed bug and found this little darling at the aquarium. Her name is Tippy (bonus points if you get the reference), and here she is posing at the Newport Beach founders rock, which is in a tiny park with a fun cache.
Sneaking into the bushes near Subway for another treasure box.
Tippy at the site.
Back at the yurt, I wanted to get a picture of the water right next to it from all the rains. It was like this on three sides! We were almost an island! What fun, though, to have a rock throwing spot right at our residence.
We saw these flowers growing in water pretty much everywhere we went this trip that had any standing water. I kept forgetting to ask somebody what they were called and took to calling them swamp flowers. :)
Orion's drawing of our family as jellies:
He also explained in detail how Daddy has 4 stingers, Mommy and Orion have 3 stingers, Kona has 4 stingers and Akasha has just 2. She is always drawn as quite smaller than Kona, but she isn't that different anymore. It will be interesting to see at what point Orion starts perceiving her around the same size and/or bigger.


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No clue about the Tippy reference, but I think those flowers are skunk cabbage. What an "expitition!" :)