Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids' Club

My friend Mim turned me on to this place in Vancouver, and we decided to meet there today. Her fam wasn't feeling great today, so we didn't get to play with them much, but Orion loved it there!

Coming down the slide together. We even did some triples.
Akasha working her way up the stairs on her own.
Hanging from the slidey thing.
But the foam ball area was the big highlight! It was two stories high. Down here on the first floor there was this thing you could fill with balls then hit a button to send them flying into the air. There were also bags to take balls up to the second floor to shoot them out of guns up there.
Miss A collecting balls.
And here she was helping some little girl fill her bag.
What fun! Definitely worth the drive. We will be back for sure.

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