Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Time No Zee

Wow, that is one pathetic title lol. I kept thinking there was something punny in there about not having been to the zoo in awhile, but my tired brain cannot grasp it. Oh well, maybe it will come to me later. :) Point was, we haven't been to the zoo in ages, so a lovely clear day coupled with Two Dollar Tuesday was too much to pass up! As it turned out, alot of folks in Portland had the same idea - we could barely find a parking spot! And so it started... Grouchy Parents Day at the Zoo. :/ OK, I really try to be a "glass half full" type of person. I only sometimes notice this type of thing if it is really blatant, but gosh, there was so much yelling at every turn. :( Then I thought about it. Hmmm, probably alot of people worried about money come on $2 Tuesday. Well bleh, did my best to ignore it. Here was OUR day.

Heading into the PNW area. Somehow we have never done this loop
This little pond are with the ducks was by far the highlight of the day. Several of them were slapping the water and otherwise splashing around, enough to send sprays of water all the way across the pond, much to the delight of many children, including mine.
And then there was the statue area. There is always the statue area lol. And yes, I have a picture of Orion on every single animal, at Orion's insistence. A few of some of them. This seems to be a bit of a zoo ritual now. I will not bore you with every single one, just the extra cute ones. :)
This little girl looked just a tad older than Akasha and seemed quite taken with her. She kept following her around with a big smile and many pats.

What? I couldn't get Akasha to look at the camera you say? No comment.
Something about this picture cracks me the heck up!
Akasha says, "Peeeeenguin!!!"

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