Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 4: Loeb to Bandon

Good bye little cabin!
Baby is ready to go and making a funny face. And then...
...yep, another dead battery. Lucky for me the cabin next door was occupied by a cute cowboy in a Giant Truck lol. He got me going, and this time it was straight to Les Schwab with us to actually buy something this time. Only 45 minutes before they can even look at it? Sigh. Off to the restaurant across the street. Turned out they had these really cute and inexpensive ceramic mushrooms. Breakfast AND shopping. :)

The coast above Brookings is some of the prettiest anywhere! The weather wasn't so great, so we just did some quick caches and I did take one photo.
We also got to hit Katie's Toy Box! It was the cache I was most looking forward to - a 5 gallon bucket filled with toys hidden in a bush on a gentle hill near the beach. It isn't on any trail is probably the only reason it hasn't been taken. What fun we had there deciding which items to trade! Then we had another big fail at Bah Humbug! (Indeed!) But the kids had a great time throwing rocks in the stream.

We got into Bandon while it was still light, so I decided to grab the cache in a local cemetery. The coordinates led to this angel:
Then there were some pretty good hints about where to go in the trees. Here is Orion uncovering the cache:
He also had great fun rehiding it.
This guy was right at the edge of the trail next to the cemetery. It had the feeling of a macabre teddy bear homicide crime scene in that setting!
We also grabbed a cool one right by the welcome sign in Old Town before getting some Thai food and heading to our motel.

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