Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 10: Fort Stevens to Home

Our last day on the road. I am ready to be home but also a little sad to have it end. I love to travel and see new things, and the geocaching has been so awesome in adding to the experience.

Take this little spot. Not sure if you can read it, but this is the only spot on the US mainland that was bombed during WWII. A shell exploded from a Japanese submarine here! And there was a lovely cache in the trees right behind it. :)
We decided to take a short visit to the Seaside Aquarium as Orion loves the seals there. He was so into looking at all the other creatures too, although he had rushed through the Newport Aquarium barely looking at anything! Interesting - wonder if it has something to do with the more intimate nature of a smaller place.

Then I got THE BIGGEST burrito I have ever seen from some drive through place on the way out of town. And I have seen some big burritos. My arm literally dropped a few inches when he handed me the bag lol. Yes, I did order the "Super" or some such name, but only because it was the only one with guacamole. And wow, not only was it big. It was GOOD. You know it must have made an impression as I haven't mentioned anything else about food on this trip. And then it became like my Pig's Trough (anybody do Farrel's as a kid?) If I was being sensible, I would have eaten like half or less and saved the rest, but no, it became some crazy obsession to eat it all. It took me hours, but I did it! :o And wasn't hungry again for quite a while haha.

Not any other photos today as it was raining all the way home. There were a couple promising sounding caches along the 26, but they all turned out to be a decent distance from the parking, and Orion didn't want to do them in the rain. I did, however, finally stop at the spring!!! There was another nice guy there filling a bunch of bottles who was more than happy to step aside while I filled my Sigg. He told me it is all he drinks. Wow, so amazing. I would love to get some big bottles and make a regular trip up there. It really isn't that far.

And then this is what I came home to in my front yard:
Another wow! There wasn't a hint of any color on this tree 10 days ago! I felt like it was welcoming us home. :) Now on to the daunting task of going through 100s of new emails!

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Shady Lady said...

Reading through all your travel days, it looks like you all had an amazing adventure. I have been curious but intimidated about geocaching.