Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 8: Cape Lookout to Fort Stevens

We saw this fish hatchery the day before, but it was already closed when we drove in. Orion was really interested in it, like way more than anything else on the trip so far for some reason! He had even wanted to go while it was raining yesterday, and he usually doesn't want to get out of the car when it is raining for anything! There are several hatcheries out in the gorge. Will have to see if he wants to check those out too!

Chinooks! And everything done here is through volunteers!
This guy rocked. He came out and said to Orion, "Hi! You know I have been here all morning feeding these fish, and I'm TIRED. Do you think you could take over for awhile?"
Orion was thrilled to oblige and Akasha wanted to do it too.
Maybe hard to see, but about a 1,000 little fish in this picture.
But ah, the trout area.... They also had a food dispenser, but their food was about the size of small dog kibble!
I could not believe how big they were! I didn't even know trout could get this big - like 2 feet at least. Then I tried about 20 times to get a good shot of one jumping up for food and pretty much failed lol. Tiny break in the surface at the bottom right! If you look closely, you can also see one under water in the top left corner to give you the idea of the size.
It's the cheese! Tillamook of course. :) There is something about things moving around on conveyer belts that has always just tickled me. In the bottom right you see large blocks being cut into smaller ones.
Tippy at what turned out to be the only cache we found that day.
This was the first one I thought I knew what people were talking about when they said "geosenses". Right away, I noticed a little path heading up a hill, but I had to spend about 5 minutes analyzing what my GPS was telling me anyway. Sure enough, I finally decided to just pop up there, and there it was!

We got to Fort Stevens fairly early and drove around a bit. Then all of a sudden Orion started telling me he was having trouble breathing! Well, we got our keys for the yurt and decided to head to Astoria. They wouldn't see him at Urgent Care and made us go to the Emergency Room, even though he wasn't in major distress or anything. I probably would have just done a wait and see if we had been at home, but as we were yurt camping, I didn't want to take any chances. Also, Sarah has a history of asthma, so I figured we should check it out. Well, phew! Some signs of mucous, and he for sure has been eating alot of dairy on this trip, but no signs of actual wheezing. The doctor also felt it might be anxiety related. :/ Guess we will just see how it progresses.... So we found a place for fish n chips then headed back to the yurt.

This was the first yurt that had a journal! Oh my gosh, there was some stuff that was so funny, i decided to take pictures. The first two are part of the same story and go together....

LOL little bandits. I had one OPEN a cooler and take my eggs on a trip a few years ago, so I know all about them.
Are you seeing a theme yet?
This one totally made me laugh and I actually had to go look out the window as we hadn't seen much of them yet. Of course, we didn't feed them either, unlike some people...
Who gives a raccoon beer?! :( The people food is bad enough. And dog food probably isn't great either. I did think it was funny how many people named them, and the big grey one was always Rascal haha.

Another little story.
This guy has some serious talent! This is extra funny if you know how the yurts are set up, with one double bed at the bottom of the bunk and the futon can make another bed....
I liked this one too. Notice the raccoon peeking in the window. And that looks like wine bottles and candles on the table. These girls know how to yurt it up!
Tomorrow hoping for good weather to spend some time on the beach!

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