Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 2: Grant's Pass to Loeb State Park

Started the morning out failing to find the cache right in Shroeder Park but also going back to easily score on in town. Oh wait, but before going to the cache, we had a dead battery! Thankfully, we have a service plan with our insurance, and it was really fast getting somebody to us. I was worried about if it was really a problem or if something just got left on, so Ron's advice was to let it run for 20 minutes, then turn it off and see if starts right up. So I had an excuse to tool around and find a drive through, then I drove to a Les Schwab and it had been exactly 20 minutes. Turned off. Sat a few minutes. Restarted right away. OK, great. Off we go to the coast on the 199, including a few fun and easy caches along the way. One of them was near the start of a short botanical trail that led to a bog full of carniverous Darlingtonia! I left the camera in the car, but this photo looks the closest to the ones we saw that day:
Specifically, the tallest one. Orion declared them to look like brains, and I totally agree! The ones we saw at this time of year only had two tiny pokes of what would become those forked appendages, but in this photo it is easy to see why some have thought them to look like cobras!

I love the section of the 199 near the coast. We saw some amazing redwoods but had an epic fail looking for the cache at this grove. No matter - the kids had a blast.
King of the log!
Orion was quite taken with all the clover.
Giant root structure.
Small boy in the big trees.
Ditto small girl.
Kids inside a tree!
Great makings of a bark and root fort.
We took the detour South on the 101 to the Trees of Mystery, but we were too late. The gift shop was open, however, and Orion picked up a gun with foam bullets that turned out to be a bit hit. Again, we didn't get to our cabin until after dark, but it was a nice little building!

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