Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unschooling Attitude

Whenever I see an example of something I really dig in a show, I like to make a note of it. Orion has been watching Imagination Movers off and on for awhile. It's a pretty cool show with great music, but something more struck me about it recently.

I get so tired of shows that try to teach lessons. Invariably, there will be some character displaying some "bad" behavior who learns something along the way. The only thing Orion ever learns from these shows is to imitate the bad behavior LOL! OK, I'm sure that is not entirely true, but these shows are still just really annoying for me.

In imagination Movers, there is usually some problem to solve. OK, fine idea, but that wasn't the aspect that got me thinking. There are a couple other characters that make regular appearances, namely Nina and her uncle Nitnots, who you can see in the brown suit above. Nitnots is boring, as boring as boring can be, and he likes everything around him to be boring. Now boring usually has a negative connotation, but not on this show. Nitnots is accepted for exactly who he is. In fact, there is a whole episode about wanting to throw a birthday party for him. But how?! Ah, a problem to solve! All the usual birthday stuff is out. He doesn't like anything colorful or loud. So they come up with the perfect boring "celebration" for him, and he is thrilled. The more I thought about this, the more touching it was to me. You just don't see alot of unconditional acceptance on TV for characters who are "out of the norm". It is a really refreshing approach.

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