Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jaunt to Roseburg

OK, well maybe a bit more than a jaunt, but a quick overnight trip anyway. La Leche League of Oregon had a get together to work on state business. Several of us stayed at a local hotel, so that means baby time central!
The funny thing about this picture is that they were all looking at me! Why? Because I was eating Chinese food of course. I was sharing with Akasha. Those other babies look hungry. Is that one in the middle signing "more"?

Later that night, a true first happened!
Look closely - she was not only unrolling, she was unrolling and shredding!
Next day at the meeting - Akasha practicing her squats.
Another bright and shiny smile!
"Hey Mom! Can I have the car?!"
"A few more years yet!"

The main reason I went was that a new leader I had sponsored just finished her application process, so we got the chance to have a candlelighting ceremony.
Akasha is staaaaring into the flame! A future leader? How cool would that be?

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Melissa Zollner said...

oh I wish I could have been there for you and April!!!!! As a daughter of a LLL leader, I must say that it is SUPER cool to have multi-generational legacy of LLL! sorry i missed you today, I don't know why i didn't hear the doorbell!!!!! CRAP!!!!!!!!