Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chess Thinking and Lessons in Being a Good Guy

I had an interesting idea the other day regarding getting Orion to think about cause and effect. He seemed to really get chess, including the whole idea of thinking what will happen in the next move. So I started talking to him about "chess thinking". Simple idea - if you do a certain thing, what is likely to happen next. He seemed to like the idea and has mentioned it several times since. Now I just need to be careful not to "misuse" it. I have caught myself a couple times almost saying something like, "That wasn't very good chess thinking," but have pretty much managed to avoid that. It is a great concept for talking about in calm moments or using before certain things happen, but it would be perceived as very critical after the fact I am sure.

Then today there was a quite funny and interesting conversation between Ron and Orion. It started out as a sorting of good guys and bad guys, which usually precedes any pretend game. Ron was assigned the bad guy role, and then it went something like this:

(all these are talking in the voices of little Lego men)
R: But what if I don't want to be the bad guy?! I don't want to bad any more. Can you teach me how to be good? I need some lessons.
O: Well, OK, here are the rules of being a good guy.
R: Oh, you can teach me?! OK, thanks.
O: First off, you should pick up trash if you see it on the ground (LOL!)
Second, don't hit people with sticks.
R: What about if it is my sister, and she is taking my toys?! I hate that! (Little Lego guy jumping up and down.)
O: Oh, well just try and find another toy for her. Don't push her down.
R: Oh, I shouldn't push her over?! Oh!
O: No, no, she wouldn't like that! (Oh, he really does know!)
O: And don't drop heavy things on people.
(Ron breaks character here and explains the Golden Rule)
(Orion keeps giving lessons, but they all fall under the Golden Rule - don't kick people, don't drop things from branches on them (?), don't spit at people, don't chop trees down on top of people.... I am getting amused at this point but try not to show it.)

So glad he is an expert on being the good guy! :D

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