Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cruising Pirate and Some Oh So Sneezy Words

We dragged Ron out to the Pirate Park for the first time, and he thought it was pretty neat. While we were there, Akasha took her first cruising steps. She was holding on to the water feature with her feet in the sand, so I think it felt stable and easy for her. Won't be long now!

There were a couple older girls there already deeply involved in building some sand dams. It was interesting to watch what happened as sand can only hold water for so long. I noticed that the wall on the other side was beginning to crumble low down where the water was starting to sneak out. I called Orion over to look.

"Hey, check it out! The sand has gotten totally saturated, so now the water is starting to seep through and erode the wall!"

One of the girls, who looked about eight, paused and said, "What's with all the fancy words you're using? I'm allergic to fancy words!"

Huh! I thought I was just talking! But seriously, I couldn't help but think this girl is a product of the public school system, always trying to force vocabulary lists on kids. Or maybe a well meaning parent who makes an effort to use "fancy words" in a laden way, complete with definitions. I never once thought about the words I was using or hoped Orion would pick up some new vocab. I guess I have total trust he simply *will* learn words just from being in the world. He so often asks me what words mean as it is, and I hope I never spoil his sense of *wanting* to know by getting all teachy.

Aaaachoo! Bless you.

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