Friday, May 1, 2009

Tulip Festival

We made it to the tulip fields today. I really wasn't in the mood for going, but I am glad we did as there were a couple shots I wanted to get to have "matches" of ones from last year.

Here is my nutty boy in the parking lot.His skeleton suit just came in the mail. He has been talking about wanting one, so I ordered it from Amazon. Wonder how many days he will wear it LOL.

A boy and his shadow. Nice outfit, huh?
Yet another picture of Akasha in the Freehand.
Flying Boy!
Is it a bird, a plane, a flying skeleton?

Sliding Boy - he insisted Ron take lots of pictures of this.
Meanwhile, I sat on the grass with Akasha. She has been grouchy lately, so I barely got any smiles out of her today!
So serious!
She enjoyed the grass on her feet though!
Oh yeah, the tulips...
But this is my favorite for being such a random, strange face!
OK, so here was the picture of last year that got me thinking I want to take one holding the baby in the fields kindof right in front of my belly.
Somehow, I didn't end up with the affect I wanted because I was being impatient, but still a pretty cute picture.
This one is also from last year:
Now there are three peekers!
Akasha going for a bonk maybe?
The Duck Races! A favorite from last year was also loved this year.
Oh, the concentration!
Mandatory wooden shoe shots...

This picture makes me laugh! She does this face every once in awhile. Not sure what it is all about, but it is always funny.
Likewise mandatory heads stuck in holes.
Akasha was having none of it though. If you looks closely, you can see her little hand on the edge in the photo above, keeping her head from actually going in the whole. Below, brother tries to lure her out, but she can see him fine from there.
Then it was on to the straw piles. Akasha is fascinated.

And the straw fights.

Notice Akasha just sitting there. That is what she did through all that throwing. Just totally entranced by straw!

I love this one as the lady seems to be looking on and thinking, "What a terrible example these parents are setting for the other children!" Phft.
Dad had enough, so I had to take some for awhile. Yes, we were finding straw in the bed and everywhere else for days!
Not sure what this was about, but it's cute!
And one last rather disturbing shot where Ron told Orion to make a scary face. It scares me!

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