Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life is Goooood 2009

Wow, I really didn't take many pictures this year, but I had a great time. I reconnected with friends I knew and did much better at meeting some new folks as well. Some of the talks were really great. I managed to get some good ideas for staying centered with sparkly kids, and maybe, just maybe, got some inspiration about it being OK to let my house stay messy. :) It was also really interesting realizing we are now one of those RU families compared to some others. How different we are now from just a couple years ago! Ron really enjoyed the Dads' Group again. Said there was alot of brutal honesty and great support for "newbies". I liked a creativity chat I went to. That is just the area I have been wanting to get back to and make some time for myself.

Here are a few of the photos I did manage to get!

Cute one of my friend Emily and her daughter.
Row and my Crocs which are now lost! Funny because Ron bought them at LIG 2 years ago, and now they were lost at this LIG.
Nametag munching.
Akasha looking like she is not too sure about melon.
The drum circle.
Akasha checking out some percussion.
And I do have a couple videos of the drum circle!

Orion and Ron were actually not there for much of it, so I don't really have any kid stories to tell. Even when he was there, he had a challenging time this year. He has had such a great time in the past, but there were alot of conflicts this year. Not really sure why - maybe just cumulative lack of sleep these past couple months. Maybe it was Lyla's therory about "alpha dog" boys clashing when they come together. But I do have one favorite memory of the whole weekend courtesy of Orion!

It was the last day when Ron was loading up the car. I was in the toy room with both kids when Orion said he wanted to go to the bathroom alone. It was all the way at the other end of the main hall, and he had his one piece skeleton suit on.... So off he went while I hung out near the door so I could keep one eye on the baby and one on the hallway. I was just wondering how long I would wait before checking on him when he came into view. Here comes my awesome boy, stark naked, running down the main hallway of The Red Lion, twirling his skeleton suit over his head. LMAO as they say! And couldn't have been a more appreciative crowd!

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