Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Sign for Milk

This week has just disappeared as I am getting ready for the Life is Good unschooling conference this weekend. But I wanted to make a quick mention about how Akasha is exploding with sign language. She has made a new sign for milk! OK, actually it is the age old sign - patting my chest. I just think it is funny because I keep showing her the sign for milk, and she just keeps patting me.

She has made up a couple other signs as well. The crazy thing is, she came up with the dog sign on her own without me ever showing it to her! The correct sign for dog that is. In her case, the patting isn't about calling the dog over, but about petting her. I kept saying, "Pat the dog," over and over when she first started grabbing her fur, and now she associates the patting motion with Kona!

The really cute sign she has developed is patting her head when she wants to lay down. I think it is because I stroke her head while she is falling asleep. And she recognizes so many words! Whether I say "sleepy", "lay down", or "go to bed", she responds with that sign.

She loves to sign potty as well. This seems great, because you would think it would help her communicate, but she just signs in all day long whenever she sees a potty. She also now recognizes doors that have the male and female symbols on them and will sign potty when we pass one! Unfortunately, she has never once signed potty on her own and had it actually mean she had to go LOL! I'm sure that will come in time.

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