Friday, March 5, 2010

More Random Geocahing Stuff

This is a cool statue in the SE area of Portland that was carved when the owners realized they needed to let go of a diseased tree in their yard. A geocacher approached them about putting a cache nearby just so others would get a chance to see how cool it is. The cacher named it, The Art of Giving and Receiving, which I thought was pretty fitting.

Akasha sportin' some new cache bling.
Two kids and a cache.
Orion playing with a Cars character, which he amazingly decided to run along this branch for awhile then put back, saying, "I just wanted to play with it for a few minutes."
Tippy says, "Leave it better than you found it!"
We went to this park next, which I knew had a cache in it but it didn't load to the GPS for some reason. I looked around a bit, but mostly we just played. Climbing is serious business.
Orion pushed Akasha on the swing for a long time!

And then he pushed some other baby who happened to be there!

There was this awesome dog there named Kaiser. The owner asked me if it was OK if she took him offleash because he loves the play structure. I said of course! And how funny he was! This picture is a trip because the flash makes it almost look like he is chopped in, but this is real life!
Akasha was delighted with his antics.

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Shady Lady said...

What a cool dog!! And a fun day!