Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Visit to Laurelhurst

I thought I had posted these already and just saw that I hadn't! These are from last Wednesday. I had a chiro appointment today so Rachele and I decided to hop over Laurelhurst afterward to show Kai what a cahce is all about. :)

I love the first warm spell of Spring in Portland. People are so happy to get outside and soak it up!
Akasha tapping letters and saying random numbers lol.
I love this sequence. Kai looks like he is trying to woo Akasha with a flower.
He has caught her attention!
"No, you take the white one, not the yellow one!"
"Yeah, that one."
Straight to two little noses.
Kai opening his first cache! Will he grow to love it?
This guy walked by with this awesome huge dog. It was some type of purebred from Russia I can't remember the name of now. We asked his name, and he said, "Jerry." I said, "Like Jerry Garcia?" And he said, "Yeah, cuz he's a big hairy bear." Hahaha, he even had a little dancing bear leash!
We even saw some turtles sunning on a long, which turned was amazing because I had a turtle trackable the owner was hoping could be near real turtles, so this was the perfect spot for it!
This cracked me the hell up. Usually when you see a plaque like this, the tree has some special name, but just "Big Tree"? Hahaha, I am easily amused!

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Mama Rachele said...

What a treat to read this, and you really captured Kai's wooing of Akasha. He adores her and loved helping me watch her this week. That was one of the last nice days before winter returned, let's hope that weather swings back around soon.