Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cachin' in the Park!

I planned a day of geocaching in Forest Park because I had a Travel Bug I brought home from the coast that I wanted to put someplace that represented something I love about Portland, so I chose the spot near The Japanese Gardens. I found a handful of other caches that sounded kid friendly and off we went!

Tippy with a gorgeous peacock geocoin we got to see.
Akasha practicing signing the logbook.
Orion looking at some of the things in the Japanese Garden cache. Oh no, what to choose?!
Saying farewell to the travel bug - it came to the states all the way from New Zealand!
Tippy checking out the flowers not far from the cache.
Orion shows us what it's all about.
At the Little Girl Cache. I was annoyed with the gender biased names, but then ironically we found our best swag ever in this cache, and something I would consider more "boyish" based on general thinking. It was like a seamonster Croc bling set - will have to get a picture of it!
Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!
Near the Little Boy cache. We made this one WAY harder than it needed to be. GPS had us pointed way up the hill. I should have known that was wrong. We knew it was near a big tree, but there were several that fit the description! Here is Orion going up the hill to check on a tree that was NOT the right one.
Orion coming back down to help Akasha up the still wrong path.
Orion going in for what I thought would be the grab. Wow, we were way off base.
Tippy says, "Finally!" It wasn't far from the bottom of the hill at all, and it was the most distinctive looking tree I noticed right off the bat. Sheesh, that is what they call learning to listen to your geosense. Orion chose the rat you see on the edge.
Akasha needed a break after all that.
Orion wanted to pose with Tippy in the tree.
He also wanted to take a picture of Tippy on my shoulder lol.
Phew, we were four for four today, then on to the giant playground nearby. A nice way to wrap up the day for a little while before the storm rolled in.

ETA a picture of the great Croc bling!

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