Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here and There

Went to look for a cache at the Hollywood Theater, which apparently isn't there anymore, but I got this neat shot. :)
I thought this guy was creepy!
Akasha loved the metal stairs.
And here is the site of my first First to Find cache! Yet another great spot I learned about because of geocaching. I am excited to find out the park system now owns this and will look forward to see what they do with it. (See below for more info).
Beautiful tree blooming out front.
Info about the house from the geocaching site:

In the 1850's the road adjoining the front of the property was part of the main road from Oregon City to the Oregon coast. The house, built in the early 1850's, served as the stage stop. It is the oldest known house in Washington County.

The house's owner and builder, Mr. Masters, died from gunfight wounds that he incurred about a quarter mile NE of the house. Supposedly the gunfight had to do with a property border dispute.

Ulysses S. Grant slept here.

The last private owners of the property recently gifted the property to the City of Hillsboro. Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Dept. manages the property.

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