Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ethan is 8!

Got to spend some time with dear friends today in celebration of a birthday.

Owen and Orion on the trampoline while Akasha checks out the slide.

Love this picture - the essence of Owen!
Akasha was very tickled with this little slide.
Owen is as sweet with her as can be.
For several slides, Akasha would plop on her butt at the bottom.
Then she figured out how to catch herself with her feet at the bottom.
Just plain cute.
Then a bit later I looked out the window to see this!
Go girl, go!
This is her "happy face".
"I made it!"
She went down several times with me holding her hand, then went down on her own.... A few seconds of terror on her face!
Classic cat moment.
And the pictures begin and end on the trampoline. :)

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