Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day Off...

Ron has been working crazy hours lately - like 90 hours a week kind of crazy. So he decided to take a day off. Not sure how he managed it, but he did! We had been planning to go geocaching as a family, and I knew just the spot I wanted to hit! We did start with one near a coffee place on the way - Papa's Haven - and what a find! A really hip little place with amazing java that even has the hemp milk option. Glad we checked it out!

Then it was off to the hidden waterfall in the heart of the city! Yep, you read that right. I can't believe this place is literally right next to Cornell and most people don't know about it. Not only that, but packed with history! It is the site of the actual old Cedar Mill! I had read about this cache and the fact that there isn't really a trail down the hill, so I was worried about the terrain and didn't want to do it by myself with the kids. It turned out to not be that bad, and I was also really glad Ron got to see it.

Orion going in for the grab with some help from Dad.
Pretty little falls. If you could see literally a few feet to your left, you would see the bridge over Cornell.
Seen on the way out on the falls side of the bridge. I laughed out loud.
Sign on the bridge.
I was surprised when I read the park department has never developed the area near the falls, "citing other priorities", but then I saw this sign and found out there is a viewing area right on the bridge! So made a bit more sense. Who knows about it though? Nobody I have asked!

Kindof a strange looking photo of Orion, but it was a funny moment. On the way back to the car he started collecting pinecones and excitedly calling it his "new hobby".

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Shady Lady said...

Daddy's day off is good. LK has been working two jobs since 2002. Now he's in Afghanistan. We look forward to Daddy's day off. Glad you had a good one.