Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Wabbit has Landed

And here we are on Easter morning. Should be an interesting day since Orion stayed up til 5 am. :( He just kept telling Ron he had so much energy and couldn't sleep.

Akasha was already up to some tricks before we dragged Orion out of bed. Here she is, Tangled up in Basket.
Maybe Kona can help?
Oh, she figured it out by herself!
"Look, some stuff!"
Only he may fall back asleep at the table before checking it out much. Apparently this is his happy but very little sleep face.
This one is bright eyed and bushy eared:
Wait, no, this is the very little sleep face LOL.
Lured outside by the promise of candy, Orion also finds $5 in a golden egg!
Goin' through the haul
Re-energized by sugar!
Sorry, none for you yet.
Although we will be happy to bother you with silly eyewear
Look what Orion got in this egg!
Is that anything like coal in a stocking I wonder....?

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Amoreena said...

Cute! Row found Lilly's stash of candy a week after the fact and had his first taste of chocolate--woops! He loved it :bag: