Saturday, April 25, 2009

Random Happenings Around the House

Just one of those days I ended up taking alot of pictures I guess!

Akasha really likes to sit right under Old Pig. This is fine, except for when Orion wants to ride her...!
Oh, and notice OP has been getting embellished lately!

Our yard has continued to explode with the typical Springiness of the Northwest. I'm not even sure what type of tree this is, but she sure is glamorous!
This is our side yard, which was 100% gravel not long ago. I didn't even know there were plants there!
Here is a close up of the little flowers in the above plants. They have such an amazing, strong fragrance!
Here are some experimental happenings. We have this neat science book we have been working through. I don't push it, but if I leave it out on the counter, Orion will often pick it up and look for something he wants to do. Today he picked this:
It was really neat! Glad I save so many rubber bands. At first I couldn't think of something to use for the box, but this emptied out puzzle box was perfect. I was careful to vary the sizes, and then we had fun plunking each one to see the different sounds they made and noticing how the tightness affected the sound. We also did several pairs, one after the other to see which was the higher or lower note.

This was a choice from another day, but I had to buy the plastic tubing.
It's kindof hard to see in the picture, but it is a siphon, and Orinon is running the water over his hand as it comes out.

Later that day, a rare moment of Akasha being welcomed into Orion's room. Lately he has not wanted her in there much, but here she was invited and they actually played together a little bit!

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