Friday, April 24, 2009

My Son, the Lego Thief

There seems to be a pattern emerging around here lately. I don't think I mentioned Orion made off with a few small Lego pieces when we were house sitting recently. It was just three very small pieces, but I was amazed by how entranced he was with them. Right now, he still only has Duplo sized Legos, so the little ones are like "big kid Legos" for him. When this happened, it reminded me there were a couple others in the house I think showed up from Me Too. It was so cool to see how excited he could be with the combinations just three pieces could make!

Fast forward to last night.... Orion went wandering and found a whole Lego village. When it was time to leave, Orion had his hands in the pocket of his hoody, and announced with authority, "Nothing but my hands in my pockets!" From his demeanor, and the bulge in his pocket, I knew this was a clever ploy. :) I played along on the way to the car, then talked to him about how I didn't feel comfortable with him taking so many things home he hadn't asked about. I said I was worried his friend might be upset his things were gone. He eventually gave up his haul, and I ran them back to the house quickly. But alas, later on he produced a few things I missed! He is SO enthralled with these things! I think it might be time to test the waters with some "real" Legos of his own. At the very least, maybe he will stop swiping them whenever he comes in contact with them!

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