Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Night of the Living Poo

Sorry that is the best I can do for wit at this hour on only a few hours sleep last night. And really, who cares about poo? Well, some of my friends do! So if you are not one of them, just don't read this post!

I went to a Diaper Free Baby meeting recently and shared that while we have great luck with catching pees, Akasha doesn't seem to have any pattern when it comes to pooping, or give much warning sign. Well, tonight has been interesting because I have started picking up on something. I would have rather been in bed, but I guess it is good to be learning something if I am stuck awake. :)

She hasn't gone for a few days, so I knew she was "due". Well, of all nights, when Orion is asleep and I really wanted to go to bed early, she has needed to go several times. She keeps getting out just a little bit at a time. She has gone 4 times over the last couple hours! But if pooping can be cute, this is as cute as it gets. I have realized she is totally silent and still for one thing. So while it might not be an obvious sign, it is a sign for sure. But the cute thing is that she has crawled over, gotten on her knees and put her hands on my leg every single time. So she is getting in this slightly leaning forward position. Then the total silence and concentration LOL. Pooping is serious business! Please tell me she is done now!

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